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> With all this talk about the costs of running IP, I really hope my
> memory is not as good as I would like to believe.... (and I don't
> think the archives still exist...)
> Did you ever say that (96/97 time frame) that you already had the
> servers and connections for your business and could "just hang IP on
> them"?
> I hope your business is going well enough that the lines between
> non-profit/profit expenses are not blurring...
> Concerned because of past experiences.

It was mid '97 and I did say that. Bear in mind that at the time 
there were 20 members and the mail server (which was/is mine) was 
connected via a dial up line. Many things have changed since then. 
The mail traffic we have now fully saturates a high speed internet 
line during some parts of the day and there are more than a 100 times 
the membership. The same old mail server now handles all the mail 
traffic, and occasionally crashes under the load when the operating 
system uses up all the resources. I upgraded the system about a year 
and a half ago (my nickle of course), but it is again fully 
saturated much of the time. 

I am doing my best to fix the blurring problem you referred to. In 
'98, the company I worked for and which paid the small expenses the 
organization had at the time finaly left the scene  -- victim of 
globalization, and the "blur" became a drain directly on my 
pocket. I took steps to incorporate Insulin Pumpers as a non-profit 
corporation so that a mechanism would be in place to accept financial 
assistance to help with the growing expenses. To be specific, I am no 
longer willing or able to pay the expenses of the the organization 
and it must stand on it's own. Admirably, the pump companies and the 
list membership have contributed generously to help with this. I hope 
at some point in the future, possibly with additional corporate 
donations, to actually get paid more than minimum wage to do the work 
necessary to maintain and update the services that Insulin Pumpers 
offers. You may have noticed in my last post on this subject that 
since July, I've receive $100 per week as compensation -- the board 
of directors authorized substantially more than that over 2 years 
ago, but it is both my job to raise the money AND do the work to 
support the site. Frankly I'd rather spend my time helping the 
members of the forum than spending what I consider to be 
non-productive time yakking it up with potential corporate donors. 
Fund raising really is not my cup of tea. I've spent the last month 
working in my spare time to prepare a mailing to the technology and 
VC companies in Silicon Valley soliciting funds. Perhaps if it is 
successful, I will not have to ask the list membership as often for 

I hope this helps clarify things for you.

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