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Re: [IP] Can Insulin go bad???

> The guideline I was told by our pump friendly endo and N.P was once
> the vial has been used, the 'time-limit' to use it with confidence
> was about 28 days.....While refridgerated, and just under three
> weeks at room temp, with the exception of hot weather, whereupon it
> would then be about three days.

the 28 day guide line has to do with sterility issues as a "standard" 
and has little to do with how long the insulin actually lasts a a 
particular temperature. Opening the vial breaks the seal and 
potentially can allow impurities and/or bacteria into the insulin. 
Assuming this does not happen, the insulin itself should not 
deteriorate any faster just because the seal is broken.  All 
insulin's are sensitive to temperature and keep best a low 
temperatures (but above freezing). They will deterioriate in a matter 
of hours at temps of 100+ -- like a hot car. The relationship between 
deterioriation is non-linear with temperature. At room temperature 
insulin will loose about 1% potency per month if my memory serves me 
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