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[IP] pump hiding places

Well, I'm beginning to consider myself the queen of
pump hiding spots (I'm creative and have nothing
better to do with my time).  Anyway, I wore a gown to
a wedding which was very fitted from the top to about
mid hip, also it was backless (sexy heh?).  you could
see the Sil on my tummy so I put it low on my abdomen
and wore Victoria's Secret Sensual Shaper (suck you
in) panty hose.  Since it was a big Cinderella-ish
dress , I wore the pump on the lower leg thingy.  The
only time it bothered me was when I crossed my legs.  
Another time, I wore a sun dress (very fitted and
spaghetti straps).  Got a strapless padded bra and cut
the padding out of one side and put the pump in there
(under my breast, towards the side...kind-of push-up
bra-ish).  I'm a 36B and definitely don't have
cleavage to hide the pump.  I've occasionally worn
Miracle bras and taken out the padding on one side and
put the pump under my smaller boob (yes, we all have a
little variation).  Recently someone convince me to
get the New Victoria's Secret "water" bra.  The cups
are filled with silicone or something.  Although it
takes some getting use to, you can but the pump in
there, and in the tightest of shirts you wouldn't see
a "Square boob".  I've also done the baby sock/safety
pin thing, but it made my dress hang strangely.  I
almost forgot, in a long skirt, I clipped the pump to
the top of my boots.  worked well and I could get to
it pretty easily.  Good luck. -Alecia

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