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[IP] Can Insulin go bad???

I have had a very scary experience the last 2 days.  I
tested my blood yesterday and it was over 300.  I
found this odd but gave myself a bolus.  I tested 30
minutes later and it had gone up.  I unhooked myself
and checked the pumpp and all it's parts.  Everything
looked ok, but I thought better safe than sorry.  I
gave myself an injection and reloaded the pump (all
with the same bottle of insulin).  It seemed to take a
long time but it slowly started going down.  I was
still in the 200's when I went to bed but I thought it
was just taking awhile to go down.  This morning it
had gone back up.  By 11 it was through the roof.  I
decided to try a different bottle to see what would
happen.  I gave myself an injection and loaded back up
with the new bottle.  I then tested all afternoon
(good thing I was home, that could have really
complicated the day) it slowly went down and this
afternoon I have been fine.  The only thing I can
figure is that the bottle was bad.  But I have been
using that bottle for two weeks and it has been fine. 
Can insulin suddenly go bad?


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