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[IP] Pump, CDs, No comps....

Hi all, I have just come back from sears and made my 'puter payment, My CD
player died a few weeks ago, so Tom my BF bought me a killer set-up....I got
back in time for missing the darn chat, but I have tunes....The salesclerk
has a MM 508 and I told her about the list, and our local pump group too,
she's just out here from CO.

I'll try to keep a bit of $$ coming in, it's a good list and I may not agree
with everybody, but why take it out on 2599 others?  The LIST is good and
comes first (after my bills) and when I have work, I'll send some dosh for
this group.

Cooler weather=lower basals for me.

Eye doc yesterday, A-One check out, and today, my GP and general feet exam
and such, A-OK again....As I said on the chat last night;


Palm-piloted, squinty eyed, squatty bodied, Pommy mommy,
Jenny S.

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