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[IP] Tingly lips

Tingly lips are definitely my #1 symptom of lows. Better than headaches,
which are frequent for me for lots of reasons! Still, I always test,
because every once in a while I've been surprised. (never by tingly lips
Any smart medical/science person on this list know WHY our lips tingle
when blood sugar levels are low?

The lips have the largest representation on the sensory area of the brain. 
If you look at the little person projected on the brain (sensory 
homunculus) you will seed the huge lips and tongue. when the brain is 
deprived of energy this is the first area to suffer reduction in energy 
production, hence the tingling and numbness of a stroke. That is why you 
get the tingling, your brain needs glucose to work. Spot and Christine
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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