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At 01:45 PM 09/21/00 Jim S. wrote:
 >Did you ever say that (96/97 time frame) that you already had the
 >servers and connections for your business and could "just hang IP on

That may have been true when there were only about 20 members. Multiply 
that out to 2,600+ and things start to change rapidly. Not only has the 
membership has grown, but the complexity of the website has grown too. Just 
think of all the things that have been added.. scores of links, the chat 
lines, search capabilities, the doctor's list, the information profile 
statistics to name a few. The more complex things get, the more time and 
maintenance is required. Just getting computers with enough horsepower to 
power all this traffic is an expense... the high speed network access to 
allow the increased traffic is another.


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