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RE: [IP] Admin's Compensation

On 21 Sep 2000, at 9:40, Michael wrote:

> > I hope no one thinks that this is a rude question but, Why do we
> > have to have donations to sustain the list?  Are we paying someone

> Insulin Pumpers has operated it's web site and support 
> forums since mid 1997. Until late last year all of the resources to do
> this came out of my pocket. I have the assistance of an excellent
> group of volunteers that help with mail administration and writing,
> but by and large most of the work I do myself and it is close to a
> full time job in terms of the hours I put into the effort and neither
> myself or any of the volunteer staff have received compensation.

I must correct some of the figures Michael reported here.  

Admin's compensation for the past year = pats on the back and 
the joyous pleasure of seeing so many diabetics begin a new life;    
 "Priceless"    (apologies to MasterCard and Ralph Nader)    ;>)
George Lovelace

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