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Re: [IP] AU... Act Up - something I wrote to another group

Hi Jim.   I agree with most of the similarities of what you wrote to that
group and that all people with diabetes should get the word out that its
time to tell everyone that we must get the general public aware of this
disease and what the diabetes cost us all. If it takes us to demand  public
funding for research for a cure we may all need to voice our views and then
take a politically action stand that will make some feel uncomfortable
because we are saying to all American gets get off our butts and help the
Diabetic community with their health considerations be it insurance's,
medications, decent health care personal. I have went though all the
different stages that Jim  put in his article. I for one have very little
good to say about the our public health care in this country. So I for just
one person is just starting to come out and voice my views to anyone that
will listen. It is the pump and this site that gets me more active when it
comes to diabetes. Just an old timer that has been dealing with the ups and
downs of a disease that touches everyone in our society today. I have went
though the 50s,60s,70s,  80s,and 90s seeing very proper,ess to a better
understanding of the disease. Boy could I tell you all stories about this
wonders of my journey that we all have went though. So for all you that may
not agree,just be abit understanding. I just had to vent some. Good Day to
all Bob 44 yrs with these wonders and still getting challenge.
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> Cxxxxx xxxx,
> Thank You, Cxxxxx for giving me a structure to hang some of my thoughts.
> Cxxxxx xxxx wrote:
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>  > Maybe then we need to be more politically active.  I for one don't feel
>  > comfortable becoming a part of a prodiabetic group based on Act Up.  As
>  > understand it, AU is a group designed to bring change to the AIDS
>  > Disrupting, breaking the law, etc.
> I think those of us living with this disease are moving towards an AU
> type of group, though it is still in the future....
> My perception of the evolution of AU (probably a creation of my
> imagination...?):
> People got HIV/AIDS and there was no "cure" for it.
> As it progressed, the capability to work was reduced.
> No longer working they got personal health and life insurance policies.
> Treatment costs started to be calculated.
> Realization of how expensive the disease was.
> Insurance options started "disappearing".
> Family, friends and others with the disease jumped in to fill the "care
> gap".
> Society started "blaming" the victim for actions that "caused" the
> disease.
> As the emotional costs of "doing it ourselves" rose, people started
> looking
> for safe outlets to deal with the emotional weight that they were
> having that they could no longer carry "alone".
> They found that they were not alone being unable to find a solution.
> Among the "select group", they acknowledged that the situation was
> unacceptable.
> Metaphorically, they had lost everything (some literally - financial,
> emotional, and spiritual) and had NOTHING LEFT to LOOSE...
> Laws loose much of their power at this point.
> And as they became visible others realized "it's not only me" and joined
> in...
> How many similarities of my initial list are there with diabetes?
> In the 60s the most visible was civil rights, but cancer support was
> also going through an evolution during the same time period (or maybe
> revolution)...
> Personal exposure during my 35 years of diabetes...
> Personal life insurance policy 6 years after diagnosis and "medical
> review" rate reduction a couple of years later... Now can't get any
> personal policy.
> Diabetes Forcast used to do an annual review of companies selling
> personal health insurance for those of us with diabetes.  Mid 80s
> had the article and the statement was "there aren't any". (was 8 or
> 10 the previous year)
> In the early 90s, a friend told me about being excluded from a group
> health insurance (farmers insurance exchange?) plan.  To insure his
> family he could not be on the policy. His was only able to get major
> medical coverage for himself.
> ...And now, are we are starting to see articles about lifestyle (eating,
> exercise, & ?) changes or the result (punishment?) will be diabetes...
> "You had a choice so you have no one to blame but..." (Might it really
> get that bad? You tell me.)
>  > Would love to hear how others would view such actions.  Like they say,
>  > squeekly wheel gets the grease.  The personal question is:  How much of
>  > squeekly wheel do I want to be?
> Without support it is not easy to get the energy to volunteer to be a
> messenger.
> ...in the beginning many messengers are "shot" - even by those who will
> eventually
> be helped.  "HOW DARE YOU FORCE ME OUT OF DENIAL!!!!!!!" Denial does
> protect us from the dealing with things that we are unable to
> emotionally handle.
>  > Cxxxxx xxxx
> <snip>
> Take what you want and leave the rest.
> Jim S.
> email @ redacted
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