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[IP] dressing up and the prom

As for the prom dress, I need details details about the dress.  If the
sil is showing through the dress (wow, clingy, eh?)  I suggest several
1.  butt-suck-it-in underwear - ya know the kind where they are supposed
to make your butt look smaller?  Wear your sil in the butt and wear
these and that usually eliminates the "lines" of the sil showing
2.  rib cage sil - (now here-e, here-e, I have ZERO fat on my ribs and
I've done it.  It doesn't last more than a day or so and takes some "Oh
my Gosh" getting over the fear factor but it works
3.  breast site - see above
4.  inner thigh site, tubing can be uncomfortable sometimes

As for the pump itself?  Here's my favorite from a 34A kind of girl:
(bigger works better too)
Buy a padded bra, put both pad on one side, put the pump in the other,
round out with cotton balls if necessary.  Worked nicely with a Lily of
France padded bra but I am sure there are others.  I did this for my
sister's wedding - the garter thing doesn't work too well if you are
going to be dancing.

Second:  the miss america way - inner thigh, all the way up there ;) 
Takes an hour to get used to but is definitely invisible.

In either situation, I do NOT recommend bolusing at the table ;)

As for shots for the prom?  nah... 1.  bigger than usual dinner  2. 
more exercise than usual - might be nice to have a temp basal going
there 3.  appetizers and dessert AT the prom 4. dessert after prom...
too many variables - don't mess up the night of your teen life ;)

susan, ps. why are we talking about proms in september??
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