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Re: [IP] Taking a break from the pump

>My concern is her going low while dancing since she will get that basal all >at once instead of being spread over the 4 hours.

I think you are right to be concerned about getting the whole basal for
4 hours all at once. Especially before the physical activity of dancing,
plus the whole emotional thing of such a big event (emotional things do
bad things to Shane's blood sugars). I believe someone else has already
suggested leaving in the site and hooking back up every couple of hours
for a bolus. If she really wants to remove the site, how about just
doing a blood sugar check and an injection each hour, or every other
hour. She could even use a pen instead of syringe - it would be small
and easy to carry in her purse, no need to mess with drawing an
injection in a dark cramped bathroom, and you can get fairly small,
accurate doses. If you don't have a pen, your CDE/Endo/Doctor might give
you one to try for free (ours did).
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