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Re: [IP] What to do with the data?

> For about 5 months I have maintained detailed records of bg
> tests, basil rates and bolus amounts.  The bg's are helpful
> to me to see trends and to monitor how well I'm doing.  But,
> I'm not sure what to do with the bolus records.  It might be
> helpful if I kept meticulous records on carbs consumed, but
> I can't bring myself to track food that closely.  

If you keep track of the carbs and the bolus records it will help you 
adjust your carb/insulin and bg/insulin ratios

ASSUMING your basals are set correctly, a consistent pattern of 
either highs or lows after meals can be use to adjust carb/insulin 
ratios fairly easily. Throwing out anamolus data, you can use the 
total carbs + total bolus insulin, including corrections to figure 
out a new carb/insulin ratio. Likewise if you consistently over or 
under bolus for high bg's you can adjust accordingly. But..... it is 
a pain to record all that information.
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