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RE: [IP] Donation

> I hope no one thinks that this is a rude question but, Why do we
> have to have donations to sustain the list?  Are we paying someone
> or something to have this list up and running?  I don't mind giving
> donations but, I am not sure what I am donating to for the list. 
> Anxiously waiting for a reply on this.
> Nancy
> pumping since 09/11/00
In answer to your question about what the money is used for, I'd be
happy to share that with you along with some background information. 

I am the executive director of Insulin Pumpers, and as such am 
responsible for it's operation as well as fund raising. Insulin 
Pumpers is a non-profit 501(3c) California Corp. and has a board of
directors and a medical advisory board that reviews publications
and/or answers tough questions for forum members when no answer
appears forthcomming from the group. You can find out more about those
folks on the ABOUT page of the web site.

Insulin Pumpers has operated it's web site and support 
forums since mid 1997. Until late last year all of the resources to do
this came out of my pocket. I have the assistance of an excellent
group of volunteers that help with mail administration and writing,
but by and large most of the work I do myself and it is close to a
full time job in terms of the hours I put into the effort and neither
myself or any of the volunteer staff have received compensation. In
addition to this I have a wife an 5 school age kids. Last year it
became evident that the drain on our personal resources could not
continue i.e. more money was going out than coming in so I made the
decision to put Insulin Pumpers on a stand alone footing -- it must
support itself -- thus the need for continuing fund raising. IP has a
small office, phones, highspeed internet lines, etc... everything any
small business has that all have to be paid for. 

These are the numbers from the fiscal year ending 6-30-00. I paid for
a portion of the expenses during the first half of the year, but
currently IP is self sustaining with respect to expenses for direct

from form 990EZ Return oof Organization Exemtp from Income Tax
for fy 99 (ending 6-30-00)

line no.
10 Grants paid $0
11 Benefits paid to or for members $0
12 Salaries, other compensation and employee benefits $0
13 professional fees $1000 (legal filing fees, attorney was pro bono)
14 Occcupancy, rent, utilities and maintence $10624 
15 Printing, publications, postage, maintenance $1239 
16 Other $1204

Total Expenses $14067

Budgeted expense extrapolated for a year put the total annual 
spending level at about $20000 or so.

Currently I spend a lot of time maintaining the web site an support
forums in addition to providing personal support to those who contact
me directly about their difficulties dealing with diabetes. I don't
have enough time available to develop the resources for the web site
and forum that I would like to, I'd really like to devote more effort,
and I have a substantial backlog of items some going back a year that
could be put on-line if there were more time. In July of this year, I
began to receive compensation of $100 a week and medical benefits to
partially compensate for the hours I spend on IP business. If
corporate fundraising is really successful, maybe I'll get my wish,
and be able to put more time in, but until that happens we must all
make do with the available resources. The board of directors
authorized a salary a couple of years ago, but I've never felt that I
should draw it since the organization was not self supporting until
recently and now is just ~stable.

As you may have noticed, there is not advertising or promotional
material "popping" up on the IP web site or in the mail forums. None
is allowed. The only means of raising funds to pay for operations is
to ask corporate sponsors and the forum members to contribute. Becasue
of our non-profit status, there is a cap on donations from one
organization, so even if pump companies like MiniMed etc... wanted to
contribute more, they could not do so without Insulin Pumpers
jeopardizing it's non-profit status.  Basically, our ability to raise
funds is pretty limited, at least with my knowledge of fundraising.
Anyway, I don't want to spend my time in a non-productive manner
raising money. That really doesn't help anyone. I would prefer to
spend my time adding to the web site resources and answering the
questions of those who need assistance with their diabetes management.

If you'd like to get a better idea of the nature and intensity of the
work, I suggest you volunteer for a while to get a taste.

I hope this answers your questions in some 

Very Best Regards,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
email @ redacted
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml