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[IP] Blood Glucose Meters Were Not Made to Make You Crazy

>===== Original Message From "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor" 
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 From our very own Steve Deal, RN

Blood Glucose Meters Were Not Made to Make You Crazy

"My blood sugars have been all over the place lately and I just don't
understand. I check my blood sugar four to six times a day. Each time I
check it and the number is within range, I seem to be a little more tense
in anticipation of  the next test. It feels not unlike the tension building
on a tape measure that is being pulled out to measure a long wet piece of
wood that has been sitting out gathering the early morning dew. Then
ultimately I get that number that is way out of range and it is like the
end of the tape measure has slipped off the end of the board. As the tape
rockets back toward its housing like a mechanical snake from some sci-fi
movie it screams a metallic sound before fiercely crashing into its metal
shell. The internal spring slowly relaxes as the casing settles from its
frantic gravitational spin. I am now exhausted and angry that so much of my
life is devoted to such a seemingly endless game with no apparent winner.
What can I do?"

Don't let this happen to you. There will always be some ups and downs to
blood sugars when you have diabetes. If the values go high or low for no
apparent reason or remain this way for extended periods of time, there is
no reason to get frustrate and try to solve the problem by yourself. Your
diabetes team should be able to figure out the cause whether it is related
to diet, exercise, medication or some other issue. The blood glucose meter
is a tool that along with proper diabetes training and management, can be
your best friend. Involve your team!

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

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