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Re: [IP] Taking a break from the pump

Linda V. wrote:

>>Liz is wearing a clingy dress to her homecoming dance and would like to
remove her site for about 4-5 hours because the Sil she uses pokes through
the lines of the dress.<<

Is it just the sil that concerns her or the pump also with her dress?  I
know some posts have been made recently about wearing the pump with clingly
dresses and the search archives have lots of posts also.  Where does she
wear her Sil?  I know of some pumpers who wear them on their thighs, perhaps
this could be a consideration?  I know they recommend inserting it from the
side so it's horizontal on the thigh rather than inserting it from the top
where it would be vertical.  Don't know if this helps or not, I can't make
any recommendations regarding bolusing since I'm unexperienced in that area.
I know that some pumpers remove their pumps for activities such as swimming,
but I believe they leave their sets in place and then every so many hours do
a bg check and bolus if necessary.  Perhaps she could put a set in her thigh
and handle it this way?


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