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Re: [IP] Power of Choice

David Winegarden wrote:

>>I understood Power-of-Choice would give H-TronPlus
owners purchasing around the time you did, exactly
that: instead of getting "both" HT+ pumps like I did,
shipment to "customer" of the "backup" pump is
delayed until "now" or whenever Disetronic
"actually can or does" ship D-Tron or Dahedi(customer's choice) to that
(such as Roselea) for your 30-day "tryout" of the"new D-pump".<<


I responded to your email to me, but I wanted to also post what I am
understanding now about the Power of Choice Program to the List.  When I
ordered my H-Tron Plus pump, I was told by the customer service person at
Disetronic that when the D-Tron came out I would get 30 days to TRY the pump
and make my decision.  Now, I'm being told I get 30 days to contact my rep
and look at the pump.  Big difference here in my book.


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