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Re: [IP] Re: type 2 pumpers

That has always escaped me...."you need better control, but ya can't have
the thing that will help".

Kind of like saying "You need to pass the driving test but you can't have
Seems to me if she's testing every two hours, motivation isn't the problem

I was told my control was "too good" with my HbA1c of 8.4% and 15+ blood
tests a day, but I "didn't need" a pump.  Is it any wonder some of us have
depression and are nervous? LOL!

Those Dr.s need to open a window onto Brain Street and start understanding
the new way of things.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.

Subject: [IP] Re: type 2 pumpers

> In a message dated 9/20/00 10:28:13 PM Central Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << Her doctor told her
>  that she couldn't get a pump until she has better control.  She tests
>  2 hours. >>

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