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Re: [IP] Apology....

Last night in the chat, myself and a few others were bantering about and
another member's name came up.

I knew that she was there and lurking and we've always joked about "Join in
or we'll talk about YOU"-- well, last night got a little too out of hand and
she was very hurt by some of the comments on the chat.

I, for one wish to offer a public apology to Lurline and any hurt I may have
caused. she came on the list yesterday with the wonderful news that her pump
is arriving and she is very happy,

I made some comments about "strange lady" and "ms. diet".  I had had hopes
she would've jumped in to tell us off, but instead was offended by the

I am very sorry for things I said and will hope she will forgive a silly
person--(who is also, incidently VERY strange)--who would never actually
mean any harm to her or anyone else on this list.

She is researching cancer and faces this work every day, and for that, as
well as being a fellow diabetic-soon to be pumper, musician, and decent
human being...deserves respect.

In contrition.....
Jenny S.

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