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Re: [IP] Donation

At 08:18 PM 09/20/00 George Lovelace wrote:
 >Insulin Pumpers is a Non-Commercial
 >site and until this last year it has been very graciously funded in full by
 >Michael Robinton, its owner.

To help keep things in perspective, Michael estimates that it costs him at 
least $25,000 a year to keep the list going. As the list grows, the costs 
only increase. Since he has a wife and family to support, it's not really 
fair to put the burden solely on him.  As a non-profit organization, we 
cannot allow any one sponsor to provide more than $5,000 and still maintain 
our non-profit status. Besides, if we were sponsored totally by one or two 
large companies, I think we would lose a lot of our credibility. Therefore, 
the bulk of the costs must come from individual member donations.

I know Michael does not like having to constantly ask for money. However, 
it is strictly a survival thing for this list.


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