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[IP] What to do with the data?

For about 5 months I have maintained detailed records of bg
tests, basil rates and bolus amounts.  The bg's are helpful
to me to see trends and to monitor how well I'm doing.  But,
I'm not sure what to do with the bolus records.  It might be
helpful if I kept meticulous records on carbs consumed, but
I can't bring myself to track food that closely.  The only
measure that seems generally helpful is the total daily
insulin - as long as my bg's stay in reasonable ranges, the
total daily insulin gives me a gauge as to how much I'm
eating - When I take less than 50 units I know that my diet
has been light - when I take more than 60 units, I'm eating
more than normal.

Do you keep track of every bolus?
Do you just track total daily insulin?
How do you use that info?
Do you keep track of carbos?
If the A1c is low, do you track either bg's or insulin?

Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman

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