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Re: [IP] Religion to the chat room; was PAX paughhhhh so off topic this ought to be deleted

On 20 Sep 00, at 12:51, Yerachmiel Altman wrote:

> I have realized what a mixed crowd we have on this line.  Those of us who 
> accept that G-d does control the world and our lives are politically incorrect 
> today and have to be shunted off to a 'special' group where the 'normal' 
> people don't go.

This is an unfortunate commentary on our society today, and ultimately will 
impact how people with long term medical conditions are treated.  Those of 
us from one of the faith communities seem to have a more "life friendly" 
viewpoint (that's a subjective evaluation from an insider) because we 
essentially see all life as a gift given by our Creator.  This gives life an 
objective value that trancends money, convenience and political 

> I hope you stay attached and stick it out despite being politically incorrect.
>  It gives support to those other of us that don't have the courage to stand up 
> and say what we really think (although I've gotten much better through this 
> board).

I concurr.  Even though we have significant differences, we can still learn 
from each other.  I've learned many things of value from the different 
people on the list because there are so many different viewpoints.  You 
might be surprised to discover that many of us have common questions that 
can be answered as a community.  One example is the question of fasting.  It 
is a religious practice that spans Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Eastern and 
other religious traditions.  Whether I'm fasting to observe a holy day in my 
tradition or Yerachmiel is fasting to observe another holy day in his 
tradition doesn't matter - we both use some of the same approaches and 
guidelines to manage our pumps as we observe the fast...  So when we share 
thoughts about this action we can both learn from the other's experience.  
We can also respect the other person's tradition and what it means to them 
in light of our own experience with a similar sacred action...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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