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Re: [IP] Donation


Not rude at all, and if I were new here I would wonder myself.  This list
was started back in 1997 by a very small group (12 people) as a way of
sharing problems and solutions with Pumping Insulin.  It now numbers over
2,600 people.  Each message that comes in and then goes out of the mail
servers occupies "bandwidth".  With sometimes over 100 messages a day going
out to over 2,600 people that can add up to quite a bit "bandwidth".  You
pay an ISP to access a small bandwidth, or a free ISP gets paid by all the
advertising that you are subjected to.  Insulin Pumpers is a Non-Commercial
site and until this last year it has been very graciously funded in full by
Michael Robinton, its owner.  It has received some contributions by the Pump
companies, thus there is the link to their sites, but you are not deluged by
mass marketing of any sort as a consequence of membership here.  There are
items such as rent, power, equipment and its service, phone lines, insurance
and so on that has to be paid for.  Perhaps the best analogy I've read is
that www.insulin-pumpers.org is the PBS of Pumping.  So please bear with our
"pledge drives".  It is only done so that this service can continue as a
non-commercial venture.   We hope that your "new life" is going well with
pumping!   ;>)

George Lovelace

----- Original Message -----
> I hope no one thinks that this is a rude question but, Why do we have to
> have donations to sustain the list?  Are we paying someone or something to
> have this list up and running?  I don't mind giving donations but, I am
> sure what I am donating to for the list.  Anxiously waiting for a reply on
> this.
> Nancy
> pumping since 09/11/00

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