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Re: [IP] type 2 pumpers?

email @ redacted wrote:

> Do you remember Ann Williams from the diabetes list? She's definitely
> Type 2, and is on the pump, and loves it. She decided to get one about
> the same time I did.
> For Ann, there have been no downsides that I know of.  Between Metformin
> and the pump, her insulin dose has dropped from about 80 units a day to
> 40 units a day, and she's gradually losing  some weight.
> I think the downsides to the pump for Type 2 are primarily the expense
> -- but that affects everyone.

Seems as though this woman needs a new Endo.  She would also do well to have the
glucose sensor.  Thankfully I had no  problem even though I am classified as a
type 2.  Why, I don't know.  Dx'd at 26 ignored until 40 and have been on Insulin
ever since.
The pump arrives tomorrow and I started weaning today.
Guess it will go on sometime next week.
I will have to check the stars to find a propitious time.

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