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Re: [IP] type 2 pumpers?

Shannon James wrote:
> Last night I met a nice woman who is a Type 2 diabetic.  She was very
> interested in my pump.  I think she takes over 100 units a day of R H and
> NPH.  Her control has gone from A1c of 11 down to 8 since she started carb
> counting and using Humalog this year.
> Question: Are there any Type 2 pumpers on this list?  Can anyone tell me if
> there are downfalls to being a Type 2 pumper.  She really wants better
> control.

Hi Shannon,

Do you remember Ann Williams from the diabetes list? She's definitely
Type 2, and is on the pump, and loves it. She decided to get one about
the same time I did. 

For Ann, there have been no downsides that I know of.  Between Metformin
and the pump, her insulin dose has dropped from about 80 units a day to
40 units a day, and she's gradually losing  some weight.

I think the downsides to the pump for Type 2 are primarily the expense
-- but that affects everyone.  
> Here's the strange thing.  She was diagnosed at age 26 but didn't start
> using insulin until 12 years later.  She is starting to have complications
> from her diabetes (gastroparisis and foot problems).  Her doctor told her
> that she couldn't get a pump until she has better control.  She tests every
> 2 hours.

It's not strange for a Type 2 to go for many years on diet and exercise
or orals, and then eventually need insulin. The pancreas DOES inexorably

What is maddening, though, is the attitude of the doc that she's not to
be allowed to have a pump until her control improves -- it's like being
asked to build a house, but not being allowed to have a hammer until the
house is finished. 

It's also a catch-22 -- some folks get told by docs that they can't have
pumps because their control is TOO good. 

May be time for a new doc!

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