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[IP] type 2 pumpers?

Last night I met a nice woman who is a Type 2 diabetic.  She was very
interested in my pump.  I think she takes over 100 units a day of R H and
NPH.  Her control has gone from A1c of 11 down to 8 since she started carb
counting and using Humalog this year.

Question: Are there any Type 2 pumpers on this list?  Can anyone tell me if
there are downfalls to being a Type 2 pumper.  She really wants better

Here's the strange thing.  She was diagnosed at age 26 but didn't start
using insulin until 12 years later.  She is starting to have complications
from her diabetes (gastroparisis and foot problems).  Her doctor told her
that she couldn't get a pump until she has better control.  She tests every
2 hours.
kindest regards,

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