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Highs all day? (was Re: [IP] guilt)

> I do feel bad today. I have taken 70 units so far with no results.  That
> not count the 3 shots I took to try to bring my numbers down.  It is days
> like this that make it worse.  I have been suffering with constant sinus
> infections since I move and fell like I am getting another one.  I hope
> is why I have been running high all day.

One of the things I've learned after being frustrated battling highs for
days on end (esp. during MDI) is that often you are not fighting a lot of
highs, but rather the SAME high, so don't let it feel like "oh no, I must be
doing something wrong, because that bolus should have brought me down."  My
endo shared with me the fact that for many people, a high will continue to
have an effect for as long as twenty-four hours (maybe longer for some, I
don't know...), & I shouldn't sweat it if I did what I ought to do to
correct it & didn't seem to see an immediate result.  This advice helped me
learn not to overbolus in my eagerness to treat & eliminate a high - the
overbolusing often led to the infamous internal glucose dump, keeping
numbers high & giving me the impression that the insulin wasn't helping at
all.  Now if I have a high I bring it down gradually...takes a few hours
longer, maybe - but when it's gone, it's really gone.  (At least, until next
time...  :)  )


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