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In a message dated 9/20/00 1:25:38 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I received my pump about 2 months ago (Disetronic H-tron plus) and choose 
 go with the power of choice program, so I haven't received my back-up pump
 yet instead I got all the information about the Dahedi and the D-tron pumps
 incase I decide to switch to one of those.  Is there anyone else on the list
 who is doing the same thing? and if so what is you opinion on the other two
 I think the Dahedi is nice because it is smaller in size, but it doesn't
 have as may options as the D-Tron.  I really like all the options that the
 D-tron offers and it is skinnier than the H-tron but it is also alittle
 longer than the H-tron I have now.  Both are waterproof, which is a bonus.
 Any thoughts from anyone else?
 Carrie (and my Flux Capacitor functioning on 227.5 jigawatts) >>
Hi Carrie,
I am in the power of choice program too.
I like how small the dahedi is but won't choose it
because of it's smaller amt of options.
I am leaning toward the dtron.  I like all the options.
I wish it was a little smaller but it is still smaller than
 most cell phones.  So, I'm telling myself that it will
look like a cellphone instead of a pager.
I got stuff in the mail last week that said i'd get a call
from a rep next month and set up a time to get to
see the 2 new pumps and discuss their options before
I decide.  
I just wish the dtron was the pretty clear blue that
the htron is!

    There's nothing stronger than gentleness.
                                              -- John Wooden
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