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> Can anybody tell me if Velosulin is the same as Regular insulin?

It is a buffered regular insulin. You can use Regular R insulin instead of

>Also, if I
>  mix Humalog and Reg do I have to change basal rates or the boluses?

I mix at a 1:4 ratio of H to V and have not had to change a thing. I get at
*least* 48 hours out of a set now unless I place it wrong and can extend a
site up to 4 days normally (with 5 days being the max and 6 days being
stupid). Even with the Humalog sensitivity offset by the Velosulin, I change
sets every 72-96 hours now no matter what.(They still get itchy and sore but
not nearly as quick or bad and less occulsions and bleeding into a set since
switching type of sets and mixing)

When I did a 1:2 ratio, I had to be sure to bolus a half hour ahead of a
meals tho, just like regular R insulin or I had high 2 hour PP and then a
sudden drop into the basement. My basals stayed the same regardless of the
ratio and mixing I did but for some and depending on the basals, putting
them in an hour earlier may help more. You need to fidget with them and see
how it goes without adjustments before starting basal time adjustments for
mixing insulins. Boluses need not change, just bolus a half hour to 15
minutes pre-meal if mixing and based on what works for you:) I bolus at meal
time or 15 mins earlier.


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