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Re: [IP] Power of Choice

Carrie wrote:

>>I received my pump about 2 months ago (Disetronic H-tron plus) and choose
go with the power of choice program, so I haven't received my back-up pump
yet instead I got all the information about the Dahedi and the D-tron pumps
incase I decide to switch to one of those.  Is there anyone else on the list
who is doing the same thing? and if so what is you opinion on the other two

I also just got a letter and a brochure from Disetronic but they didn't
include any info about the Dahedi since I had already decided I wanted more
features than it had to offer.   Now, at this point in time, I can't
possibly make a decision about whether I want to keep my H-Tron Plus or get
the D-Tron from just a brochure.  Sorry, I got to see it live to decide.
Even before I got my H-Tron I had the option to do a saline trial with a
loaner from my endo's office and I had the opportunity to play around with
the MM too.  So, I didn't make that decision from a photo either.  What's
with Disetronic?  I want to see the D-Tron and hold it in my hands before I
decide so I'm still waiting.

RoseLea (and Max)

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