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[IP] Re: Long acting insulins

.Spot and Christine  replied........
 I always take NPH Pens when I travel.
BTW the Humulog itself lasts 4 hours according to the package insert. Do
you think you would need something that lasts longer than that? when you
are pumping and MM Disat or Animas can get you a new pump overnight you can
always test and administer more insulin if necessary. Do you think you will
really need it? 
We haven't been able to experience pumping yet -- still waiting on the 
insurance company to reply.  I was referring earlier to a statement that 
Cory's CDE had made.  She said that they used to try to operate with just H 
while waiting on pump repairs or replacements with the assumption that it 
would be no more than 24 hours, but now they go ahead and recommend using 
Ultralente while waiting.  If you only use H how do you manage during the 
night?  This will all be new to me, but I am just thinking if H is only going 
to last approximately 4 hours and you plan to sleep 8, are you going wake up 
with very high blood sugars and possibly ketones? Or are you going to set the 
alarm, get up - test and inject, then reset the alarm and get up again in an 
hour or two to retest and make sure you injected the proper amount?  On the 
other hand, it seems sort of silly to buy a vial of Ultralete when you will 
probably only need one or two injections from it then since it would no 
longer be needed you would just discard it. 
Don't mean to be worrying about a problem that may never occur, just wanted 
to have my brain ready to respond in case of an emergency!
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