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[IP] Bad Adhesive

Has anyone else had a problem with Silhouette infusion sets not sticking
like they used to do??  My last batch, 5 boxes of the combo pack, Lot #
517288, has not stayed on more than 24 hours, without extra tape on edges.
The sides are just not sticking. The cannula actually comes out in some
incidences.  I have had a lot of surprising highs as a result.  Now, as just
happened, I know exactly what has happened.  I have used Sils for 4.5 years
and never had this problem, and my activity/lifestyle/sweat/humidity/etc.,
has not changed.  Actually, because of the serious drought here and much
lower than usual humidity levels, it has been much dryer.  

I emailed Neal at MM, and the response was basically, a fluke, too bad, hope
the next batch is better.  I ordered some polysil tape just to be sure.  

I am just curious to know if anyone else had noticed this in their sils.  

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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