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[IP] Religion to the chat room; was PAX paughhhhh so off topic this ought to be deleted

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 email @ redacted wrote:

Subject: Re: [IP] PAX paughhhhh so off topic this ought to be deleted

>hmmm... but one strong thought remains... for many of us our religious facet
>is an inseperable part of us. It is both the foundation for action, basis for
>evaluation and root of identity and meaning...

>And as for the fried chicken... it's part of being Southern... and since for
>many years the Baptists held hegemony over much of the south I guess it's 
>to be a part of being Southern Baptist. But y'all are welcome to a piece 

I have realized what a mixed crowd we have on this line.  Those of us who 
accept that G-d does control the world and our lives are politically incorrect 
today and have to be shunted off to a 'special' group where the 'normal' 
people don't go.

I haven't joined the 'religious' group yet (but I do belong to the Jewish 
diabetes group as there are many questions regarding observance of Jewish law 
and the elecronic and other stuff we need to stay alive).

I think Sara has had what she considers an aweful treatment from the 
'religious' and 'authority' figures in her life.  I've met her (once) and 
found she is actually a much nicer and sweeter person than via e-mail (we've 
kept in touch via mail when her posts get too far off track).

I hope you stay attached and stick it out despite being politically incorrect.
 It gives support to those other of us that don't have the courage to stand up 
and say what we really think (although I've gotten much better through this 


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