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> Hello all
> Can anybody tell me if Velosulin is the same as Regular insulin? I
> have read some pposts about extending sites this way and would like
> to try this formula on my daughter. Currently, her sites only last 2
> days. Also, if I mix Humalog and Reg do I have to change basal rates
> or the boluses?

Velosulin is a regular insulin and there are some mixers that use 
regular instead of Velosulin, but not very many. Most use Velosulin. 
Your pharmacist should be able to order it for you. It is called 
Velosulin BR and it's made by Novo Nordisk.

You should first verify that it will make a difference by switching 
entirely to regular or Velosulin for a couple of weeks. This is a 
hassle because it requires that the basals all be changed. Usually 
this means moving basal start times one hour earlier for most 
people (for regular or Velosulin). If site then last 3 - 4 days, 
you've confirmed that humalog sensitivity is a factor contribution to 
site longevity. --- THEN try a mix of H and V. My daughter uses 5 
parts of Humalog and one part Velosulin. 250u H, 50u V. Put the V in 
first so it mixes well with the Humalog. De-bubble with the V, then 
draw the H and don't let any of the mix back into the H vial.

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