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[IP] Weird BG pattern

Hi all,

Forgive the duplication, but this one has me intrigued, and I'd like
some insight, if any is available!!!!

Following are the result of a close watch on BGs last night:

Dinner, 7 PM, large helping of spaghetti with meat sauce, 8 units of
insulin. BGs are as follows:

2 hr. PP       87
3 hr. PP      103
4 hr. PP      119
5 hr. PP      142       took 1 unit of insulin to correct (Basal also
kicks up here)
6 hr. PP      167
7 hr. PP      125
11 hr. PP      84

The numbers themselves are fine, but what was weird was the PATTERN.
(The meal wasn't exceptionally high fat, in case that's what you're

Normally, I peak 2 hours after eating, and I decided to check that
closely because of the unusually low 2 hour reading (at bedtime-- I was
afraid I would go low.)

Anyway, I'm mystified -- and wondering whether this happens more
frequently than I've suspected!  
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