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Re: [IP] Guilt

Siles wrote:
> Remember, Type Weird isn't type 1 either. We don't quite make it into
> any clear-cut type. My RNP says more and more type 2s are beginning to
> show a decrease in insulin production.

Course not -- wouldn't be Type Weird if it were!!!!!!

In my family (grandmother, 2 aunts and 1 uncle, but NOT my mother), the
pattern is to get downright skinny without the diabetes going away or
ameliorating whatsoever at all, contrary to popular dictums about Type 2
being "caused" by obesity. My uncle was NEVER more than 4 lb. over IDEAL
weight in his whole life. Plus the fact that the sulfs never worked very
well for any of them. (The one who lived the longest by almost a decade
was my grandmother, who used insulin right from the start!) 

Hence MY appellation Type Weird -- we just don't fit the stereotype.  

As far as what the nurse said -- that's a given that Type 2's experience
decreased insulin production as the disease progresses. It has been
definitively shown that Type 2 is a progressive disease, and telling the
public that it can be controlled indefinitely with diet and exercise
alone (get off your butts and quit eating the candy, you lazy slobs!!)
is an EXTREME disservice. 

Me, I'm happy right where I am -- 8 years since diagnosis, no
complications, looking forward to getting OLD!!!!

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