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[IP] just don't get it!

We had a wild night with Kevin and I wanted to see if it has happened to 
others. We changed his insulin vial yesterday/not the site and at bedtime he 
was a little on the high side, which we attributed to the pizza at dinner.

By midnight he was over 250! We bolused, 1 hour later, 280, we bolused...1 
hour later 320! I primed the tubing for the small bubbles and rebolused about 
.6. 1 hour later he was even higher. I was starting to get rattled because 
Kevin is never much higher than 200 at any time and that is usually after 
Soccer!  We took out the vial, re set it in place, re primed air out and I 
noticed a giant bubble at the top of the vial. So after working frantically 
to get it out, I gave up and just turned the pump upside down in his pocket. 
Meanwhile Kevin slept thru it all! I swear, a bomb could go off! ( I think we 
could do a site change without numbing cream and he wouldn't wake up!)  His 
numbers started to come down finally. We did the last check at 4:30 and I 
wake up at 5:30, so needless to say...I'm dragging. Kevin, on the other hand 
looked quite rested and peppy this am.  :)  Woke up at 160! I thought that 
was pretty good for what he was just hours before! sheesh.

I know there have been many threads on air bubbles, but in the year and 1/2 
we have been pumping...this has never happened to this degree!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening,

Dragging in VA

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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