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[IP] Re: Guilt

 Amy wrote:

> It doesn't really matter, and I've learned that the
>daily total really isn't that important. Staying under
>40 units keeps my weight where it was when I got the
>pump, going down to 30 units lets me drop weight fast,
>and over 40 units is dead obvious:-)!

Same to me.
When I was trying to follow dr. Bernstein Diet (Diabetes solution) I ate 6 g
carb for br. 12 for lunch, 12 for dinner, & 4-6 oz. protein each meal, I was
able to take 35-40 units day with MDI, I always felt guilty if it was over
that ammount, & of course I gained weight.
However now on the pump I am not folowing his diet, I am still low carbing,
but not that far, I have no limits on vegetables, I haven't been looking on
my totals for a long time (& no guilt feeling).   Now as I'm writing I see
that they run apprx. 50-55 day, (of course now I gained back all the weight
I have lost).

Hirsch Meisels

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