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[IP] Weight/Guilt

Kathy Said:  SNIP<<<<<<Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 18:39:33 -0500
From: "Kathy Trondsen" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] guilt
Just because I am a literal minded person (a.k.a. geek), I think that we
should remember that one person's guilt level may be another person's 1/2 of
minimum to survive.  If you are using the amount of insulin as a gauge to
see if you are eating so much you will gain weight, then the guilt is
actually about the calories (which you would share with about half the
American population, if they had to consciously think about it like us lucky
diabetics get to :)

I think it might be better for our collective mental health to guilt about
the calories.  The reason I'm writing this is that I have a mental image of
some poor soul out there having their BG shoot up for some fairly
uncontrollable reason (e.g. prednisone, illness, etc.) and trying to cope
with guilt over the necessary amount of insulin in addition to the asthma or
whatever that caused it to be necessary.  Let alone all the teenagers whose
basal insulin requirements fluctuate with the (unpredictable) growth hormone
This sounds preachier than I meant it to, but I'm not sure how to reword it
better.  Take what's useful and ignore the rest. Take care, Kathy>>>>>SNIP

Thank you, Kathy.  I am 30 pounds overweight (on most days) and I have been
at least 20 pounds overweight all my life.   As a little girl here in the
south, they called me "stout" as in "My, ain't she fine and stout".    I fit
the perfect profile for a type 2, fat, female, and over forty.  I was
diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes at age 44.  I have enough guilt and a
bottomless pit of zero self esteem from being overweight that I surely don't
want to have something else to feel guilty for.  You hit the nail on the
head with your comments.  I aim for 45 units a day.  If I have a site going
bad it will be 78 units some days, one time because of multiple site
problems, plus eating chinese food for lunch, I had to use almost 100
units.....(still don't know where that insulin goes).   So, I work hard at
eating healthy foods, avoiding snacks and chocolate, doing the best that I
can.  I am not 100% successful, but I am OK with myself about it on most

So thank you for your compassion.  

Bonnie Richardson

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