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[IP] BASH Booklet

> Jan........how can we get a copy of your BASH booklet???  I hope we can! I
> very interested!!!
> Teresa  (mom to Justin - 15   dx'd 8/98)
>         finally pumping as of 8/15/00

Teresa, the BEST way to get a BASH booklet is to come to the BASH. ܰ I'm
going to limit them to one per family in attendance. They won't be handed
out like regular programs to be discarded with no value. I have put megatime
into *perfecting* it (and, sadly, it's not perfect) and it has ended up as
40 pages - 33 DM stuff, the other 7 has to do with our 40th wedding
anniversary (7/24). But with copying costs, etc. and postage, I figure I
could send it for $3.00 total.

It begins with excerpts from my diary ('50) covering 4 days leading up to,
and 16 days in hosp. and added memories that I didn't write as a kid but are
indelibly etched in my mind; update from that time; recipes; symptoms; hypo-
and hyperglycemia treatment; pumping lifestyle changes, depression as
related to DM article; a day in the life of a T-2; a DM father's (@ 15 y/o)
explanation of his DM dtr's (5 y/o) future; funny quips/lines/jokes;
original poems; and other stuff I forgot right now. Let me get through the
next 7 weeks, then keep me in mind and I'll see if I have to reprint or have
leftovers.  I'll *probably* give a report of the BASH. (EBG = extremely big
grin). Two invitations have already gone out: the White House, and my endo
yesterday. He's coming (endo that is).
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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