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[IP] guilt

I am with Melissa:

>  I am wondering what the big deal is.  If I take 30 units a 
> day or 130 units...as long as I am regulated right?

you take what you need to keep your blood sugar right...if you need to take 
MORE cuz you are eating more than your body needs, then FINE, as logn as the 
bg stays right...you will gain weight, but still fine.  Besides, I know 
several people who are much smaller than me who use lots MORE insulin.  So it 
is unfair to judge someone, or even yourself, by how much insulin you need.

guilt...sigh,..though I do think my catholic upbringing was counteracted by 
all the moms of those jewish guys I dated <heh heh heh>  back off wild 

Sara FB (Fried Back...god i wish i had longer arms so i could have reached 
these places to put on sun screen!!!)
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