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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #498update abd still scared

Hi everygody, this is Ashley.......the one with the retinopathy.  I just 
wanted to say that after my 2nd vitrectomy (to pull off scar tissue), my eye 
is beginning to see without white "fuzz"  My left eye used to be 20/60, but 
ever since the operation, I have developed tiny blurs in the center of my 
vision.  This really scares me.  If anyone can relate to this, please email 
me!    As I recall, the spots are improving, but I am still just flabergasted 
that my whole life is on hold, I can't drive at night and still poorly during 
the day.  Is this ever going to improve?  I know it has already, but I am 
scared to death.

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