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[IP] Hebrew help?!

I'm getting an ugly response out of my computer whenever a posting from
Hirsch Meisel shows up.  This happened a while back, but then I didn't see
any postings for a while, so I kind of forgot about it.  It just happened
again so...now I'm asking.  When I try to open these postings, a "download"
box appears, & tells me it has to download something in order to read
Hebrew.  When I tell it not to, & then try to close the posting itself, it
tells me my system has performed an illegal operation & everything shuts
down.  Is there a way to prevent this?  (Yes, I realize the obvious would be
to delete these posts - but since I usually read the mail & hit the "next"
button, I've already got it open before I realize it.  Is there anything
that could maybe be done on the sending end to prevent this problem?  Also,
is this "just me"?  (Given my strained relationship with this glowing box
some days, it wouldn't really surprise me!)


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