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Re: [IP] Susan saks any long acting insulins in the house

on 9/19/00 7:59 PM, Andrew Bender, M. D. at email @ redacted wrote:

> Sure I think most of us do. I always take NPH Pens when I travel.
> BTW the Humulog itself lasts 4 hours according to the package insert. Do
> you think you would need something that lasts longer than that? when you
> are pumping and MM Disat or Animas can get you a new pump overnight you can
> always test and administer more insulin if necessary. Do you think you will
> really need it? I'm rethinking my NPH pens. When glargine is released that
> will be great. Spot and Christine who is more reliable than my old bike.

I have NPH pens but, when I went on the pump, getting the NPH out of my
system was awful due to the unpredictable and sometimes very slow absorption
rates. For the short period of time I might be without the pump, I would
definitely not want the stuff in my system again and would prefer have an
injection every 4 hours of Humalog (Maybe R would work better in that
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MM508 - 5/2000

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