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Re: [IP] Hiding that pump!

Another thing that works in dresses with pockets is to cut a slit in the
pocket fairly high up, and use Fray-Chek to keep it from raveling.
Fray-chek is available at fabric stores, and is basically washable and
dry-cleanable glue -- once it dries that pocket's not going to fray.  It
does stain, though, so do all this on the inside fabric of the pocket.  This
way you can make the hole large enough to pass in the pump from the inside,
rather than having to disconnect the pump and thread the tubing through the
pinking-shears hole and then re-attach it.  The weight of the pump holds it
in the bottom of the pocket and away from the hole just fine.

Also, Fray-chek is cheaper than pinking shears :)

Sorry about the interview, Sherry.  Hope this makes dressing for it easier
next time!


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