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[IP] Not keeping long acting int he house

I don't know who started this thread, but personally
it's easier not to use long acting for a night (or
two, and YES, it does take more than 24 hrs the odd
time to get a new pump).
 Um, when I was in hospital in Jan and they didn't
know if it was my pump or not, teh idiot doc had me on
5 units NPH and my normal basals on the
pump..LITERALLY an idiot, my endo called him, give him
direct clear orders and he did not follow them.
 When my pump broke in July, I was fortunate enough to
get my hands on a loaner for the night. And when the
loaner broke 2 weeks ago, I was screwed..shots for 28
hours..I did R every 6 hrs and h for meals (and
corrections, but I didn't need any corrections
amazingly)...it's a hassle doing a shot every 6 hrs,
especially on the first day of school when the
teachers think she said she doesn't take shots..but
it's easier using R than long acting for one day which
might not even affect you that one dday.
 So, what I do is Keep R and H in the house...I use R
when I get into high fits b/c it seems to respond to
highs better at certain times, and is a lot easier to
use as a basal on shots than H every 3 or 4 hours!

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