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Re: [IP] Hiding that pump!

Sherry wrote:
<<I can see now that I will have to devise a better way when I get the urge 
to dress up. Maybe a garter belt or something? >>

Sorry to hear about your interview, Sherry.  Bad ones always put me through 
the wringer...

As far as dressing up with the pump goes, I put my pump in a thigh thing 
and clip it to a garter belt.  I find the thigh thing doesn't stay up by 
itself, but with the garter belt it stays pretty secure.  Then to get to 
the pump you just have to hoist your skirt a bit under the table.  ;->

I've also heard that some people buy dresses with pockets, snip a little 
hole in the bottom of the pocket with pinking sheers, place the pump in the 
pocket and let the tubing run through the hole.  Seems like a good idea to 
me, I just haven't tried it yet.  Good lord, I'd have to go out and buy 
both a dress AND pinking sheers!!


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