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Re: [IP] Pregnancy and the pump

Terry and Laura (who both asked for input on pregnancy & pumping recently),

I have been through 2 successful pregnancies on the pump, and hope to start
a third sometime soon.  (My children are 5 and 1 1/2 years.)  A few thoughts
from my experience:

-  There are a myriad of reasons to start pumping (most of which you will
have read on the list already), but pregnancy is another _excellent_ one!
The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy require endless finetuning
of dosages, which I think you will find to be much easier on the pump than
on MDI.

-  Having the pump during delivery can also make things much easier; my OB
and the hospital staff were all thrilled that I was on the pump!

-  Regardless of whether you pump or not, expect to spend LOTS of time
seeing doctors during your pregnancy.  My endo required that I see her
weekly throughout the pregnancy, plus of course you have extra OB
appointments, extra ultrasounds, extra labs, etc.  It is time-consuming, but
well worth it in my opinion.

Hope this helps.  I would be happy to answer any other specific questions.
You've touched a subject near and dear to my heart!  :)

Type 1 since '81, on Minimed pump since '94

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