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[IP] Susan saks any long acting insulins in the house

Kap and humalog injections

Although this was an emergency and I am sure there were no long acting 
insulins available, we have been assured that IF something should go wrong 
with the pump, we would immediately have Ultralente added to the Humalog 
until we can get the pump going again.  Now I can certainly see that you 
needed to use the humalog in order to get the #'s back in line quickly but I 
was just thinking if some ultralente had been available he would not have 
needed so many shots. My question is, "Does anyone keep a long acting insulin 
in the house for emergency use?"
Sure I think most of us do. I always take NPH Pens when I travel.
BTW the Humulog itself lasts 4 hours according to the package insert. Do
you think you would need something that lasts longer than that? when you
are pumping and MM Disat or Animas can get you a new pump overnight you can
always test and administer more insulin if necessary. Do you think you will
really need it? I'm rethinking my NPH pens. When glargine is released that
will be great. Spot and Christine who is more reliable than my old bike.

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