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[IP] re: guilt

Natalie, I feel the same way at times.
 I was averaging 47-50 units a day on shots before I
got the pump, then the first month it was 20-30 units
on the high end (basals were 10 units total) and ever
since then all my basals have done is creep up. Now
it's 20.6. They hung out at 18 units for a while so i
felt that if I stayed under 30 units I was doing well,
but my endo didn't think i was allowing for enough
carbs. now, with almost 21 units a day my goal is to
stay around 35 units, but under 40. Going over 40 is
either a high carb day, a sick day, or just a hormonal
day, whichI have a lot of!:-)
 It doesn't really matter, and I've learned that the
daily total really isn't that important. Staying under
40 units keeps my weight where it was when I got the
pump, going down to 30 units lets me drop weight fast,
and over 40 units is dead obvious:-)!

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