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[IP] Hiding that pump!

Yesterday I had an interview.  (It didn't go very well, don't ask)  This was the
first time I had worn a dress since I got my pump last month.  I only have the
belt clip, so I tried to put the pump in the side panel of my bra, kind of under
my arm.  I do not reccommend doing that.  By the end of the day, my underarm area
was all rubbed and irritated.
I can see now that I will have to devise a better way when I get the urge to dress
up.  Maybe a garter belt or something?  My pump trainer said she sometimes wore a
belt under her dress with a little pocket sewn to the strings that hang down.
Maybe I will try that, depending on the way the dress hangs.
It wouldn't have bothered me for my pump to hang at my waist and show, I just
didn't have anywhere to put it!
Another thing I learned this weekend--Pop Tarts are death to me.  I have learned
to dual wave bolus for movie theater popcorn, but Pop Tarts resist all efforts. I
swear, they effect me like crack. Goodbye Pop Tarts.....

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Where 50,000 people enjoy five McDonalds (at my last count)!!!!!

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